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Guest Profile

Stevi Belle

Stevi Belle is internationally known as a creator, practitioner and teacher. She has a Bachelor
of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois. She has been on a healing path for more
than 40 years. The path of discovery that she has traveled has led her to many areas of study
including Healing the Light Body with Alberto Villoldo, Cranial Sacral at the New Mexico
Healing Arts Academy, Dowsing with Anneliese Hagemann and Michelle Fitzgerald, Sound
Healing with Jonathan and Andi Goldman and Tom Kenyon, Pranic Healing with Master
Stephen Co, ECT-Energetic Congruence Technique with Terri Kosmicki and Stevi Belle,
Shamanic Journeying with Michael Harner, Flower Essences with Patricia Kaminski and Richard
Katz of FES, DNA of Healing with Margaret Ruby and classes with Patrice Fields, Espavo (Steve
& Barbara Rother), Raw Foods with Joline Wondergem, Cindy Lindsay Rael, Jose Luis Herrera,
Swami Kaleshwar, Stuart Wilde, Lynn V. Andrews, Brugh Joy, Dan Millman, Flenn Chrestman,
Lifespring, Dick Sutphen and other incredible teaches across the country.


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