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Kelly M. Ballard
Reflective Harmony, LLC

Have you been wondering what adventures life might be holding? Are you looking to reconnect with a loved one, family member, or friend who has passed away? Or perhaps you are just looking for some insight, inspiration, or guidance in life from Spirit? K... 

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Artie Hoffman
Angels and Answers

Artie Hoffman's Angels and Answers' mission is to help others discover their essential selves so that they can make healthy and positive changes in their lives. Founder Artie Hoffman uses his gifts as a psychic and medium to assist his many clients... 

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Brenda Thyne
Connections Resource Centre

Brenda Thyne, a medium, is able to connect with those beings beyond the 3rd dimension such as loved ones already crossed over, guides who are with you on your earthly journey, Angels who watch over you and who have messages of love and other Ascended Being... 

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Karen Hager
Fog City Psychic

At a crossroads? Feeling stuck? Karen Hager, the Fog City Psychic, helps people in transition get Spirit-led guidance about their next steps. Through one-on-one work with clients from all walks of life; through online and in-person intuitive development classe... 

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Wendy R. Wolf